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Braces in a Day

Braces in a Day in Plantation, Florida

At Norena Orthodontics, we understand that getting braces can be an intimidating and time-consuming process. And in today’s busy world, not everyone has got the time to visit an orthodontist’s office for multiple sessions. But that should not keep you away from a beautiful smile. Hence, we have come up with our “Braces in a Day” service. It is a fast and convenient solution for those who want to get their braces and start their journey towards straighter teeth in a single day.

What is "Braces in a Day"?

“Braces in a Day” is an orthodontic treatment that uses advanced technology to install braces in just one appointment. Instead of traditional braces that require multiple visits and adjustments over a period of months or years, “Braces in a Day” allows you to walk out of our Plantation, FL, dental office with a fully installed set of braces the same day.

Benefits of "Braces in a Day"

The benefits of “Braces in a Day” are numerous, like:

Who are the candidates for "Braces in a Day"?

“Braces in a Day” is suitable for patients who have mild to moderate orthodontic issues, such as crooked teeth, gaps, and overbites. If you have more severe orthodontic issues, you may need traditional braces or another orthodontic treatment. Our Orthodontist in Plantation, FL, will check your oral condition before deciding the right treatment solution for you.

Getting "Braces in a Day" in Plantation, FL

At Norena Orthodontics, we are committed to delivering our patients the best possible care. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure a comfortable and effective orthodontic treatment. Our team of experienced and friendly orthodontists will guide you through the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final result. Contact us today to schedule your “Braces in a Day” appointment and start your journey towards a straighter, healthier smile.